Australian Football Odds - Analyzing Australian Football Odds

Australian football odds are one of the less common but intriguing aspects of sports betting at present bookmakers. To engage in and understand the current odds, fans will need to have a grasp of Australian football. Since the Football Association joined the AFC, it has brought about many differences. Through this article, fans can explore more interesting stories surrounding this information with Wintips.

Types of Australian Football Betting

Currently, participating in australia is very simple for fans. We can search for reputable sports platforms to update information on betting odds and participate in betting. Of course, there are types of bets that fans participate in more frequently. Below are some prominent types of bets that you need to know when analyzing odds for Australian football matches.

Australian Football Total Goals Betting

Firstly, in total goals betting, this is the most commonly played type of bet for Australian football matches. Statistics from bookmakers offering odds for the Australian national championship show that over/under betting always has a large number of participants. In this type of betting, we predict the total number of goals scored by both teams. Then we compare it with the odds offered by the bookmaker to place appropriate bets.

For example, if a fan predicts that there will be more goals scored in a match than the odds indicate, they bet on "over." If we assess that there will be fewer goals scored than the odds offered by the bookmaker, we choose "under." If the match result matches the trend predicted by the player, they win the bet.

Australian Football 1×2 Betting

For Australian football betting, especially in various leagues, the 1×2 bet, also known as the European handicap, is the easiest to play and win. We only need to rely on predictions about the match result to place bets. In this type of betting, the European handicap works as follows: home win (1), draw (x), and away win (2). If we predict which team will win the match, we place a bet on that outcome.

The 1×2 bet is considered easy to play and win because, for example, in the Australian National Championship, we just need to choose the stronger team. Rarely do weaker teams manage to draw or defeat stronger teams. The greater the difference between the teams, the higher the accuracy of predicting the match result.

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Australian Football Handicap Betting

The type of betting that requires players to analyze and calculate the most in Australian football is the handicap. There are many different names for this type depending on the preference of each player. In this type, we need to assess the difference in strength between teams in an Australian football match. For example, selecting which team is stronger or weaker and dividing them into over and under bets.

The team in the upper position needs to give a certain goal difference to the team in the lower position. For example, in the World Cup, if we bet on Australian team matches, players will calculate the difference between Australia and their opponents. The larger the difference, the higher the handicap odds.


Surely, Australian football betting will never disappoint fans. Let's explore more information about this highly regarded football scene in Asia with Wintips.